EventApril 17, 2017

Soundstream 2017: CalArts Bands Live at the Troubadour

Promotional poster for CalArts Soundstream.

On Monday (April 17), seven bands from the graduating class of The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts will perform live at The Troubadour, one of Los Angeles’ most legendary venues. Soundstream 2017, an annual concert event, features an eclectic lineup of artists performing original, forward-thinking music. The show is free and open for all ages, although reservations are requested.

Ackland blends acoustic instruments, haunting vocals and live electronic effects to create their dreamy, dark, ethereal sound. The band will release their debut album in January 2018. Ackland is led by vocalist and songwriter Molly Pease (Music MFA 17), with Sarah Fylak (Music MFA 17) on violin and vocals, Luc Kleiner (Music MFA 17) on piano and vocals, Caleb Veazey (Music BFA 16) on guitar, Ben Levinson (Music BFA 16) on bass and Nick Hon on drums.

Above: Listen to Ackland’s ‘Desert (LIVE).’

Los Angeles-based artist Jacob Richards (Music MFA 17) is the man behind BATTERY, a solo synth-and-drums act inspired by jazz and video game music. With the programming language ChucK, Richards creates highly complex compositions that sound deceptively simple.

Above: Listen to BATTERY’s ‘peach juice.’

Violinist and singer-songwriter Grace Fellows (Music BFA 17) sings soft, wholesome pop with uplifting messages and a grounded approach.

Above: Listen to Grace Fellow’s ‘I’d Keep On Without You.’

NEWMAN creates dark pop music with winding harmonies and strikingly simple melodies.

The empowering songs of Primero Sueño fuse diverse folk grooves with lush vocal harmonies and strings.

Above: Listen to Primeo Sueño’s live performance ‘Dile a mi Querer.’

The house music group, Shirasawa-22, will be performing a visionary live set with turntables, live process strings and spoken word.

Cilience is an alternative rock band fusing poetic lyrics with driving rhythms and intricate melodies. Their sound is a mix of rock, jazz and West African music. Members of the band are Ian Stahl (Music MFA 17) on vocals and guitar, drummer Michael Anetsberger (Music MFA 17), lead guitarist Brandon McGregor (Music BFA 17), and Eric DeLuca on bass. On their website, the band defines Cilience as “the realization that those around you are excellent in their own way, that we all have hidden talents the world may not know of.”

Above: Cilience’s ‘Begin Again (Teaser).’

Event Details

CalArts Soundstream 2017

April 17, 8 pm
The Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood
Free, RSVP encouraged

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