EventApril 27, 2017

2017 Film/Video Showcase: Experimental Animation Program

Above: Brandon Rhoad’s ‘Hold Together (let go if you will) – (Trailer).’

Each spring, CalArts’ School of Film/Video presents a juried selection of student works from each of the Film/Video programs. On Thursday (April 27), the Experimental Animation Program presents 21 short films at Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT).

On the program:

  • Procrastination by Ji Hyun Ahn (Film/Video BFA 19), 2:09
  • Boulder Ranch by Hollywood Foreign Press Association scholar Kevin Eskew (Film/Video MFA 17), 1:47
  • the biggest wad is mine by Sam Gurry (Film/Video MFA 18), 3:03
  • Hot Dog Hands by Matt Reynolds (Film/Video MFA 16), 6:40
  • Skip Jumbo by Jorge Ravelo (Film/Video BFA 18), 1:23
  • and I by Gabriela Escovar (Film/Video MFA 19), 3:34
  • The Spring Thaw by Blake Derksen (Film/Video BFA 20), 3:10
  • Amarillo by Ana Perez Lopez (Film/Video MFA 18), 3:47
  • Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic by Hollywood Foreign Press Association scholar Annapurna Kumar (Film/Video MFA 17), 3:00
  • Tiny Lisa by Louise Pau (Film/Video MFA 18), :49
  • I Feel Naked by Maureen Kuo (Film/Video BFA 17) 4:48
  • Roommates by Jamie Wolfe (Film/Video MFA 18), 3:00
  • Big Surf by Brian Smee (Film/Video MFA 15), 7:37
  • Hold Together (let go if you will) by Brandon Rhoads (Film/Video MFA 16), 3:29
  • Chella Drive by Adele Li (Film/Video MFA 17), 3:29
  • Bone Structure by Danski (Ya) Tang (Film/Video MFA 18), 1:13
  • AD-VENT by Jack Krasnow (Film/Video BFA 19), 4:30
  • It’s a Date by Zachary Zezima (Film/Video MFA 16), 7:12
  • Neon Thoughts by Hunter Janos (Film/Video BFA 17), 2:37
  • Nueva Vida by Jonathon Seligson (Film/Video MFA 15), 6:58
  • Total Eclipse by Noah Malone (Art & Film/Video BFA 17), 3:40
  • Displayed in the RedCat lobby: Centerpiece for an Abandoned Dream of Certainty by Amia Yokomaya (Film/Video MFA 16), 5:34

This year’s members of the selection committee are faculty Maureen Furniss, Stephen Chiodo, Hillary Kapan, Michael Scroggins, Maureen Selwood, Alexander Stewart and Zacharia El-Magharbel (Film/Video BFA 17).

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has funded scholarships for students in the School of Film/Video since 1996. Students who received scholarships from HFPA in 2016-17 acknowledge and thank the HFPA for the generous support.

The screening is free and open to the public, but reservations are required due to limited seating. For more information about all 2017 Film/Video Showcase screenings held at REDCAT and CalArts, visit the site.

Event Details

Film/Video Showcase 2017: Experimental Animation

April 27, 8 pm
631 W. 2nd St., Los Angeles
Free, Reservations Required

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