EventMay 7, 2017

CalArts Immersion Group Presents the Impossi*Ball

The CalArts Immersion Group, founded by CalArts faculty members Gordon Kurowski and Hillary Kapan, returns to The Vortex Dome in Downtown Los Angeles on Sunday to present works that are better experienced than watched.

The Impossi*Ball takes advantage of the venue’s 50’ diameter 360-degree cinema theater and performance area. During the program, audience members are allowed to lie on the floor and watch projections on the domed ceiling and immerse themselves in the art installations and live performances around them.

The Immersion Group’s Impossi*Ball program is a curricular presentation of the Advanced Interactive: Votex Dome class taught by Kapan and Kurowski, featuring works of students from several of CalArts’ schools, including James Anderson (Music MFA 17), Luca Cioci (Film/Video BFA 18), Dawn Givens (Film/Video MFA 18), Hunter Janos (Film/Video BFA 18), Danielle Jordan-Baile (Film/Video MFA 20), Narae Kim (Theater MFA 17), Mike Leisz (Music MFA 17), Kamyi Lee (Theater/IM MFA 19) and Ajani Russell (Art BFA 19).

The performances at 7 pm and 8:30 pm on Sunday are free and open to the public.

Read project descriptions.

CalArts Immersion Group’s 2016 Program from Gordon Kurowski on Vimeo

Event Details


May 7, 7 and 8:30 pm
At the Vortex Dome
L.A. Center Studios
450 South Bixel St., Los Angeles
Free, but registration required

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