EventMay 19 - June 11, 2017

Amy Tofte’s Women of 4G at Zephyr Theatre

Promotional material for ‘Women of 4G.’ | Image courtesy Kathleen Grode-Reinbold.

Fierce Backbone and Drive Theatre Company present the world premiere of Women of 4G, a new sci-fi mystery by playwright and CalArts alumna Amy Tofte (Theater MFA 11), on stage through June 11 at Zephyr Theatre in West Hollywood, Calif.

From the press release:

Seventy-five years in the future, an all-female crew and their male captain depart on what appears to be a routine mission to Mars… until the captain is murdered and the real mission comes to light.

Inspired by the Bechdel Test (which examines if a work of fiction features at least two named women who talk to each other about something other than a man), Women of 4G deals with relationships between women under extreme duress. Part murder mystery, part space thriller, Women of 4G uses a science fiction world to ask questions about power, leadership, responsibility, and ultimately, sacrifice.

The production also features several CalArtians, with Cady Zuckerman (Theater MFA 11) playing Wollman, one of the main characters, along with Jully Lee as Stark, Lily Rains as Nataki, Samantha Barrios as Baston, JanLyn Williams as Cava, Jane H. Kim as Toulle and Isabelle Loeb as Pierce.

Women of 4G is produced by Kathleen Grode-Reinbold (Theater MFA 12) with lighting design by Jesse Fryery (Theater MFA 17), sound design by Becca Kessin (Theater MFA 07), scene and props design by Sarah Krainin (Theater MFA 08), costume design by Lynne Marie Martens (Theater MFA 12) and graphic design by Kristin Showalter (Theater MFA 13).

Fierce Backbone is a collaborative organization committed to writing, developing and producing new dramatic works.

Drive Theatre Company is committed to investigating performative storytelling through exploring new works and reimagining established texts.

Event Details

Women of 4G

May 19 through June 11
Zephyr Theatre
7456 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood
Tickets: $25

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