Anne LeBaron Featured in Music Library Association Women In Music Blog

Composer/performer Anne LeBaron. Photo courtesy of Anne LeBaron.

Anne LeBaron, composer, avant-garde harpist and faculty member, is celebrating the end of summer with a new feature published by the Music Library Association (MLA) Women In Music Blog. The piece gives readers a comprehensive overview of her career, her work and news about upcoming projects.

This fall, LeBaron is invited to speak and perform as the featured international artist at the Totally Huge New Music Festival in Perth, Australia. Her keynote address is titled, “Sonic Ventures in Post-Truth Surrealism: Raudelunas, the Rev. Fred Lane, and Huxley’s Last Trip.” LeBaron has additional performances scheduled in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as a week-long residency in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In 2018, as a residential fellow at the Italian Bogliasco Foundation, LeBaron will be working on a new installment for The Well-Read Clavier for pianist Lorezo Marasso based on writings by Beppe Fenoglio. The work has been commissioned by the Ferrero Foundation.

The MLA Women In Music Blog also touches on LeBaron’s contributions to The Herb Alpert School of Music:

She has developed highly original courses blending theater, art history, cultural topics, and music while encouraging students to actively create work incorporating what they are absorbing. These include HyperOpera; Concert Theater; Musical Reflections of Surrealism; Music of Harry Partch; Contemplative Practices; Musical Arts, Compassionate Mind; and writing for Everything Else.

Read the feature for more information and photos.

Watch a preview of LeBaron’s experimental opera Huxley’s Last Trip: 

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