Aniela Perry to Play ‘Hell Cello’ at CalArts for More than 26 Hours Straight

Hell Cello Performance. Photo from Facebook.

CalArts alumna Aniela Perry (Music MFA 10) is at CalArts this weekend (Sept. 9-10) to attempt a record-breaking marathon cello performance. To beat the Guinness World Record, Perry must play continuously for more than 26 hours. Visitors are welcome to attend the concert event, aptly named Hell Cello, in person or via the Hell Cello digital livestream.

Perry’s undertaking is a charitable initiative for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which has helped support musicians facing illness, age-related issues or disability for more than 24 years. On Hell Cello’s website, Perry explains: “It’s important for artists to support each other, especially as appreciation for the arts dwindles.” The marathon performance is inspired by Josh Tate’s charitable “Hell Walks,” which entailed walking around a 100-foot circle for 24 hours straight.

Perry is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and educator. A classically trained cellist, she also plays and composes in a wide array of musical genres including rock and experimental. In 2012, she played cello for The Industry’s first experimental Opera, Crescent City. Notable artists Perry has worked with include John Zorn, James Tenney, Carol Kaye, rock groups Cursive and Silversun Pickups and the Robin Cox Ensemble.

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