CalArts LatinFest 2018 Runs Feb. 12-16

CalArts Latin Fest 2018 | Image: Courtesy of the Festival

CalArts Mi Gente kicks off the first-ever CalArts Latin Festival this month. The week-long event gives attendees the chance to experience and celebrate Latin American arts and culture with works from students, alumni and guest artists, courtesy of the student-run organization. The festival is centered around the vast and diverse community and cultures of Latin America, but the celebration is open to anyone interested.

CalArts Latin Festival will consist of performances, masterclasses, screenings, concerts, workshops and food offerings throughout the week. The festival begins on Monday (Feb. 12), in Steve’s Cafe with a Carnaval Procession at noon in collaboration with CalArts’ Latinx Community and The Black Arts Collective and ends on Friday (Feb. 16), at 9 pm with a theatrical performance of La Princesa in Butler Building 2 (BB2).

The schedule of events is listed below. All events are free and open to the community.

Monday, Feb. 12

  • 12-1 pm – Carnaval Procession Latinx Community & The Black Arts Collective – Cafeteria
  • 4-6 pm – Afro-Cuban Dance Master Class with Kati Hernandez – Gamelan Room
  • 6:30-7 pmRosacea – Theater Performance – C105
  • 7:30-8 pmLa Princesa– Theater Performance- Butler Building 2 (BB2)

Tuesday, Feb. 13

  • 4-6 pm – Mesoamerican Indigenous Instrument Workshop led by alum Chris García – The Wild Beast
  • 8-10 pm – Feature Concert with Chris García with works by Latin Students – The Wild Beast
  • 10-11 pm – Reception with live music by Sabina Estrella Trio + Latin Food – ROD Lobby

Wednesday, Feb. 14

  • 5:30-6 pm – Viaje de Regreso, Dance Performance – C105
  • 8-10 pm – Latinx Music Students Concert – ROD
  • 10-11 pm – Reception with live music by Latin Flavor Ensemble + Latin Food – ROD Lobby

Thursday, Feb. 15

  • 12-12:30 pm – La Espera del Entendimiento, Theater Performance – Butler Building 2 (BB2)
  • 4-5:30 pm – Artist Lecture with alum, writer and artist Beatriz Cortez – Café B
  • 6-7 pm – Conversations with Guest Artists and ArtChangeUS: Roberta Uno, Christopher Garcia and Beatriz Cortez – Langley Hall
  • 7-9 pm – Experimental Interdisciplinary Laboratory Project showcase + Open Performances – Langley Hall
  • 9-10 pm – Reception for Art Exhibition – Live Music by David Roitstein’s CalArts Salsa Band – ROD Lobby- Food and Drinks

Friday, Feb. 16

  • 12-1 pm – Dance Party at noon with Live Music by David Roitstein’s CalArts Salsa Band
  • 7-8 pmImplantación – Screening – Bijou
  • 8-9 pm – Reception – Outside Bijou
  • 9-10 pmLa Princesa – Theater Performance – Butler Building 2 (BB2)

For additional information on the festival and to view a list of participating artists, please visit the CalArts Latin Festival’s website.

—Oscar Burrows-Rangel

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