Director Jeni Jones’ Club Rat$ Helps Raise Funds for RAINN

Club Rat$ | Image: via Kill the Pig Productions, LLC

Club Rat$ | Image: via Kill the Pig Productions, LLC

CalArtian Jeni Jones (Film/Video MFA 04) is using her filmmaking talents to help raise awareness and funds for a worthwhile cause. Club Rat$, a short film that Jones directed, is an anti-date rape story that empowers women to stand up for one another in the face of darkness. Released earlier this week, Club Rat$, written by Jamie Miller and Danene Montella, was inspired by the recent Time’s Up movement.

Jones is using Club Rat$ as a vehicle to support RAINN—the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization—and survivors of sexual abuse. Jones has committed 100 percent of the money the film raises to further RAINN’s work with survivors while changing attitudes and beliefs about sexual violence.

The dark comedy follows vigilante girl gang who partake in club-hopping to target predatory men and teach them lessons. The film is currently screening at schools and around Los Angeles.

In addition to film directing, Jones has also received notice for her theater work. She recently directed the one-woman show Women on the Verge, starring actress Faith Collins. In February, the production won at the 27th annual NAACP Theatre Awards for Best One Person Show – 99 Seat Theatre. The solo show follows five women from the same family navigating the intricacies of life. There are plans to take the production to New York following its run in Los Angeles.

Jones is currently in pre-production for directing her first feature film, Co-Ed, a female buddy comedy.

—Oscar Burrows-Rangel

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  1. Jeni Jones // //

    Hello! Thanks for the great write up! Just have a small correction….

    CLUB RAT$ was written by Jamie Miller & Danene Montella.

    Thanks again!
    Jeni Jones