CalArts Dancers Perform in Solange’s New Piece at the Hammer

Courtesy of Hammer.

On April 13, Metatronia (Metatron’s Cube), an interdisciplinary performance piece by singer-songwriter and artist Solange, debuted at the Hammer Museum. Choreographed by Gerard & Kelly, the piece featured 14 CalArts dancers. Solange praised the students as “phenomenal dancers who lent their bodies and energies to this project.” Some of the rehearsals for the performance were held on the CalArts campus.

“Having rehearsals at CalArts really sprung CalArts dance and the institution, in general, to be seen as a location for collaboration with artists outside of the community,” Kevin Zambrano (Dance BFA 4) said.

Courtesy of Hammer

The CalArts students had glowing remarks for the choreographers Gerard and Kelly, and for Dean of the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance, Dimitri Chamblas. Chamblas had brought the choreographers to campus for a workshop previously, which led to the CalArts dancers hearing about this special opportunity with the Hammer. “Having Dimitri bring in these guest artists frequently is providing immense opportunities for the dancers at CalArts,” Zambrano added.

Courtesy of Hammer

For the students, the opportunity was both emotional and eye-opening. “Being a part of site-specific architecture and movement work was a liberating experience, and I was overcome with emotion to see the finished product,” said Jasmine Sugar (Dance BFA 4).

The work can be viewed on Hammer’s website.

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