CalArts Student Art Displayed at Imagine Entertainment’s New Office Building

Imagine Entertainment Office | Courtesy of Imagine Entertainment

Imagine Entertainment Office | Courtesy of Imagine Entertainment

Director Ron Howard and American film producer Brian Grazer recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter (THR) regarding details about their new 28,000-square-foot offices in Beverly Hills and the article mentions CalArtian students’ art featured throughout the building’s common spaces. Imagine Entertainment teamed up with the CalArts School of Art in an innovative partnership to display students’ work in their new offices.

CalArts School of Art dean Thomas Lawson is quoted in The Hollywood Reporter about the collaboration.

Imagine called us and asked if we’d be interested, says School of Art dean Thomas Lawson, who put out a call among graduate and upper-level undergrads for submissions. Around two dozen were chosen to participate. “It’s really exciting for the students to have an opportunity to show their work to a group of really high-performing professionals.

The submissions installed at the Imagine building include works by Brandy Trigueros (Art BFA 4), BRD (Art MFA 18), Carolina Fandino (Art MFA 18), Carolina Hicks, Coffee Kang (Art MFA 18), Denae Howard (Art MFA 2), Ekta Aggarwal (Art MFA 18), Elizabeth Fiedorek (Art MFA 18), Elizabeth Preger (Art MFA 18), Elizabeth Smith (Theater MFA 17), Gabby Rosenberg (Art MFA 18), Gosia Wojas (Art BFA 19), Hande Sever (Art MFA 18), Jinal Sangoi (Art MFA 17), John Wu (Art MFA 18), Julia Pontes (Art MFA 18), Luka Fisher (Art MFA 18), Luke Harnden (Art MFA 18), Nion McEvoy (Art BFA 19), Samantha Chen (Art BFA 19), Santiago Acero (Art BFA 19), Scott Lee (BFA 17), and Yoo-Jin Oh (Art BFA 18).

Check out some of the featured artwork below:

A version of this story first appeared in the May 9 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Read the featured story about the new building online here.

—by Oscar Burrows-Rangel

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