EventMay 7 - 11, 2019

CalArts 2019 Film/Video Showcase at REDCAT

The annual CalArts School of Film/Video Showcase celebrates the culmination of student work from the past academic year, presenting a juried selection of special screenings from the School of Film/Video’s four programs: Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Film Directing and Program in Film/Video. Several of the screenings take place at REDCAT this week, and are free and open to the public (although reservations are required).

From the Panorama program (Tuesday, May 7, 8 pm):

  • This Film by Brin Gordon
  • Heatstroke by Emily Malone
  • Bad Habits by Daisy Gallaher
  • Dumpling by Siti Lu
  • The Place I Call Home by Yannan Huang
  • Ai Can by Mengxi Yang
  • Since We Belong by Yuchen Zhou
  • Abejita by Jeanette Fantone
  • DOSIRAK by Kailen Haeun Yoo
  • Unitats de Xoc II by Tuixen Benet
  • In the Woods by Matt Herring
  • Staring at the Sun by Bea Vischer
  • Moon Moon Goes to the Moon by Fernanda Haiabe

From the Film Directing program (Thursday, May 9, 8 pm):

  • Watermarks by Sara Suarez
  • Valeria’s Husband by Nicolas Savignano
  • Foul by Inka Rusi
  • Another Great Night by Xuege Cai
  • Canary in the Data Mine by Jake Sheppard
  • What We Don’t Say by Esther Zeilig
  • Music for Hospitals by Irene Gil Ramon
  • In a Night So Dark by Shahin Gorgani
  • Color my Fortune by Andrew Gilchrist
  • Paper Castle by Chenliang Zhu
  • Mother, Flower by Eunhye Hong Kim

From the Experimental Animation program (Friday, May 10, 8 pm):

  • Sophie by Anna Cangellaris
  • Medium Rare by Luca Cioci
  • Sparky by Dian Liang
  • Where I was Born by Jungmin Cha
  • Hedge by Amanda Bonaiuto
  • Saw/Ate Sad Bird by Lauren Flinner
  • Winners Bitch by Sam Gurry
  • Driftless by Jonah Primiano
  • Queenie and the All or Nothing Thin King by Benni Quintero
  • Mold by Sujin Kim
  • I Made You This by Zach Dorn
  • Duet by Jeanette Fantone
  • Las del Diente by Ana Perez Lopez
  • S.M.I.L.E. by Isabel Higgens
  • Part 1: Stonehenge by Brin Gordon
  • Melvin by Kate Renshaw-Lewis

From the Program in Film/Video program (Saturday, May 11, 7 pm):

  • X by Onyou Oh
  • Space Etude, No. 1 by Jacii Chun
  • Melon by Elizabeth Liang
  • All of Mama’s Children by Hayat Hyatt
  • Alejandro & Miguel by Joie Horwitz
  • Turbine Angel by Ross Constable
  • Nepantla by Zaina Bseiso/Luis Gutierrez Arias
  • Mati 23/7 by Antigoni Kapaka
  • Damascus Gate by Elisheva Engel
  • Fossil Falls by Ekaterina Selenkina
  • Between the Eyes 2 by Heehyun Choi
  • Further from the Shoreline by Alicia Maye
  • Dancing Variations by Joo Young (Judy) Kim
  • Darling Angel by Nikita Shokhov
  • My Selves Dissolving by Danielle Wakin
  • Homage to Jeanne d’Arc by Lucy Kerr

The annual Character Animation Producers’ Show takes place on Wednesday, May 8, at a private theater in Beverly Hills. Due to limited seating, reservations are required for this event.

The School of Film/Video’s academic year ends with the annual Bijou Festival, running from May 13-17 in CalArts Bijou Theater, presenting works from all programs for the entire CalArts community.

Event Details

CalArts 2019 Film/Video Showcase

Tuesday, May 7, 8pm

Thursday, May 9, 8pm
Film Directing Program

Friday, May 10, 8pm
Experimental Animation Program

Saturday, May 11, 7pm
Program in Film and Video

Reserve tickets by calling the REDCAT box office directly at 213-237-2800

Character Animation Producer’s Show
Beverly Hills
Please email characteranimation@calarts.edu for reservations

Bijou Festival
May 13-17
CalArts Bijou Theater
No reservations necessary

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