CalArts Expo Exhibits Developments in Art and Technology

The CalArts Expo returns Thursday (May 9) with a spectacular day-long showcase of work from students, faculty, alums and guest artists.

An intersection between timely digital and timeless creative cultures, the annual event integrates CalArts’ signature style of experimental artistry with cutting-edge technologies. The Expo offers a lineup of more than 500 student- and faculty-produced projects created over this past academic year, presented across 21 venues throughout the campus.

Visitors can tour a multitude of innovative projects throughout the campus, including The Last Dodo, a collaborative production between the FlyingFire Collective and the 2019 CalArts Expo. The piece employs a prop gun and strobing effects as it follows the flightless icon of extinction “trying to survive one mixed reality performance at a time.”

At the MOD Theater, interactive installation Birdbath blurs the line between performer and spectator as it invites viewers to compose imagery captured by a live video feed.

“The work is insane,” said Ajay Kapur, associate dean for Research and Development in Digital Arts. “You can see how boundaries between artists and engineers are breaking down—with students originating new approaches to human-computer interaction, wearable technology, augmented reality and virtual reality, robotics, gaming, machine learning and more.”

CalArts Expo serves as a forecast of future technological applications in the arts, especially prominent in animation, computer games, AR/VR, projection mapping, digital performance and beyond. The Institute has long been recognized for its embrace of emerging technology, as shown through its Music Technology and Digital Arts curricula.

The event is free and open to the public. Check out the CalArts Expo website for the full schedule and lineup.

Event Details

CalArts Expo 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2 pm-2 am
24700 McBean Pkwy., Valencia

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