Learn the Lingo: The CalArts Dictionary 2019-20

Although we’re all still in the thick of summer, we’re excited that a new semester and school year are just around the corner. CalArts New Student Orientation begins on Sept. 1, and classes start on Monday, Sept. 9.

New students and community members might be surprised (or not) to know that CalArts has its own language—nicknames, phrases and shorthand—used around campus.

We’ve updated the CalArts Dictionary (slideshow posted above): a glossary of terms that are unique to the Institute. Learn what a “métier” is…or where to find Fire Valley…and what’s “Lake Nard?”

We’ll add to the list so if you have a contribution to the dictionary, please leave it in our comments section below.

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  1. Gary Schwartz // //

    Remember students running out of ‘crits’ in the art school with tears streaming down their faces.