CalArts School of Theater Goes to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Courtesy of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

On Friday, Aug. 2, CalArts School of Theater returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the 16th consecutive summer. For three weeks in August, the international arts festival is opening the city to creative energy from around the world. CalArts students bring four original shows to Scotland’s capital, led by faculty member Jon Gottlieb. Partnering with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the shows will be held at Venue 13. 

The 2019 lineup of CalArts productions are:

Dear Mother Moon by Juliana Romero (Theater BFA 19) and Sky Spiegal (Dance BFA 19)

Courtesy of Venue 13

Inspired by the book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Dear Mother Moon examines symbols of femininity and intuition, themes often associated with the moon itself, through movement, music and voice. The work explores spiritual coexistence and the cyclical pattern of nature. 

  • Featuring: Yunni Lin (Dance BFA 22), Ishika Muchhal (Theater BFA 22), Mady Thornquest (Dance BFA 22)
  • Original Composition​ by Vera Marie Weber (Music BFA 19)
  • Featuring Musicians on the Track: Susana Pineda (Music MFA 20), Emilia Moscoso (Music MFA 19), Diana Andrea Soto Teixeira (Music MFA 19)
  • Scenic Design​ by Leighton Holritz (Theater BFA 21)
  • Light Design​ by Leslie Craspster-Pregont (Theater MFA 21)
  • Costume Design​ by Juliana Romero (Theater BFA 19)

Fight Song by Lauren Baker (Theater BFA 19)

Courtesy of Venue 13

It’s Sweetwater, Texas. 1964. After a deadly car crash, four cheerleaders regain consciousness. This philosophical high school drama includes characters such as Lucifer and God, and navigates the questions of cruelty and the human condition. 

  • Starring: Angela Rosado (Theater BFA 21), Fiona Casper-Strauss (Theater BFA 21), Gabrielle Galloway (Theater BFA 21), Samuel Camp (Theater MFA 19), Olivia McKown (Theater BFA 22), Hasti Bakian (Theater BFA 22), Sophia McDowell (Theater BFA 21)
  • Stage management by Jillian A Lindner (Theater BFA 20)
  • Sound Design​ by Jacenta Yu (Theater BFA 20)
  • Costume Design​ by Sonya Berg (Theater MFA 21)

Here Comes the Tide, There Goes the Girl by Genevieve Fowler (Theater MFA 21)

Courtesy of Venue 13

here comes the tide/there goes the girl​ is a dark comedy in which the plot of Hamlet slowly unravels. This surreal new play, written by Nadja Leonhard-Hooper, tackles the fate of women in Shakespearean plays in “a backyard kiddie pool.”

  • Sound Design​ by Scott Goldfarb (Theater BFA 20)
  • Light Design​ by Christian Mejia (Theater MFA 21)
  • Starring: Brian Drummy (Theater MFA 21), Brenan Dwyer (Theater MFA 21), Isaias Miranda (Theater MFA 21), Perry Goeders (Theater MFA 21), James Majewski (Theater MFA 19)

Well That’s Oz by Colin Yeo (Theater BFA 20)

Courtesy of Venue 13

In this absurdist and existential adaptation of the Wizard of Oz, our familiar cast confront some realities of life. Through its famous characters, the show takes a realistic look at themes of delusion, loneliness, courage, and loyalty while holding on to its comedic and fantastical elements.

  • Lighting Design by M​acy Rupp (Theater BFA 20)
  • Starring: Nic Prior (Theater BFA 20), Ashley Sanchez (Theater BFA 20), Holly Tobias (Theater BFA 21), Antonia Cruz-Kent (Theater BFA 21)

The festival runs until Aug. 26, 2019.

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