Cabin Fever: A CalArts Spotify Playlist

Check out our playlist ‘Cabin Fever’ on Spotify.

It’s important to stay connected during times like these. One of the ways we can keep our community inspired is to keep creating and sharing art. In this spirit, we put together a playlist on Spotify that features songs by CalArts students, faculty, and alumni. We know there are many musicians/bands that aren’t on the playlist, so please tag us on social @calarts (or #calarts) with additional song requests.

Listen to our Cabin Fever playlist below:

The playlist features the following CalArtians:

  • Wajatta [John Tejada, School of Music faculty]
  • the bird and the bee [Greg Kurstin (Music BFA 92)]
  • Fitz and the Tantrums [Michael Fitzpatrick (Film/Video BFA 95) and James King (Music BFA 99)]
  • Tauri [Nicole Orlowski (Music BFA 19)]
  • Julia Holter (Music-IM MFA 09)
  • Rob Ford Explorer- [Greg Lewis (Music MFA 21)]
  • YARYN [Yaryn Choi (Music BFA 20)]
  • Laura Jean Anderson (Music BFA 14)
  • Bridgette Blank (Music BFA 20) 
  • Roy Berardo (Music BFA 20)
  • Laura Rizzotto (Music BFA 14)
  • City of Orchestras [Dylan Freeman (Music BFA 17)]
  • Carl Stone (Music BFA 74)
  • Ellen Reid (Music MFA 11)
  • Moths [Dylan Marx (Music MFA 21)]
  • Glibs, Jacuzzi Mane [Max Beers (Music MFA 22)] 
  • Brooks Mondae [Max Beers (Music MFA 22)]
  • Katey Sagal (Theater 72)
  • Ravi Coltrane (Music 90)
  • Hadestown Original Soundtrack [produced by School of Theater faculty Mara Isaacs, Todd Sickafoose (Music MFA 98), Dale Franzen (Music MFA 89), Meredith Lynsey Schade (Theater MFA 06) and Kathleen O’Kelly (Theater MFA 18)]
  • David Rosenboom (School of Music faculty)
  • John Daversa Big Band [John Daversa (Music MFA 06)]
  • John Luther Adams (Music BFA 73)
  • Lady Gaga [Mark Nilan Jr. (Music MFA 08), pianist and producer on ‘Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Going)’]
  • Maryama [led by Maryama Mirbagheri (Music MFA 17)]
  • John Debney (Music BFA 78)
  • James Tenney (School of Music faculty), Alison Bjorkedal (School of Music faculty)
  • Wadada Leo Smith (former faculty)
  • Ralph Alessi (Music BFA 87/MFA 90)
  • Mark Ferber (former visiting faculty)
  • Ravi Shankar (former faculty)
  • Lebroba [
  • Opium Moon [M.B. Gordy (Music MFA 80)]
  • Anthony Starble (Music BFA 10)

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  1. Sophia Yazbeck // //

    So nice to find this page and Cabin Fever playlists on Spotify. I have listened to them, I love them so much, it’s my taste. Besides, I have also used a tool from to download Cabin Fever’s playlist to MP3 with my Spotify Premium. Now I usually play this playlist on my MP3 player. Looking forward to getting more wonderful songs.