Sublevel Magazine Releases Fourth Issue, Edge

Sublevel: Edge

In late March, literary magazine Sublevel celebrated the release of its fourth issue, Edge

This latest edition “explores what constitutes the pornographic today,” and grapples with the “inherent difficulty of defining its perimeters.” Edge features contributions from artists, writers, and sex workers to “contemplate pornography’s various appearances and expressions within visual and literary cultures.”

Edge’s features and authors are as follows: 

Housed in CalArts’ Creative Writing Program, Sublevel’s editorial team includes student editors led by managing editor Lauren Mackler. From start to finish, students take part in brainstorming issue themes, commissioning contributors and working with graphic designers to ensure a well curated issue, both digitally and in print. 

Founded in 2016 by Maggie Nelson and Janice Lee, the publication is “devoted to the nexus of literature, poetics, art, criticism, philosophy, culture, and politics.” Sublevel makes no hard distinctions between the creative and the critical, and instead focuses on highlighting work that is innovative, dynamic, and hybrid.

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