Listen to ‘Exhausted’ by Kohinoorgasm

Josephine Shetty composes and performs lo-fi, experimental pop music as Kohinoorgasm.| Image: Courtesy of the artist

Late last month, Josephine Shetty (Music MFA 21), a student in CalArts’ Experimental Sound Practice program, released her latest single, “Exhausted” as Kohinoorgasm.

A portmanteau of the Kohinoor diamond and “orgasm,” Kohinoorgasm is the lo-fi experimental pop music project of the queer, mixed, desi artist.

The song reflects a moment of “creative burnout under capitalism” and critiques a system that stifles dreams and ambitions. It also affirms the need for harnessing creative energy and passions for a better future.

Listen to the track below.

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