CalArtian Duo NMND Releases EP Integration

On Friday, Feb. 12, hybrid electronic duo NMND released its five-track EP Integration, the inaugural release by Garden Broom Recordings.

NMND, a contraction of “No Mind,” is made up of vocalist-composer Mana Contractor (Music MFA 20) and producer McLean Macionis (Music MFA 19). Macionis founded Garden Broom Recordings to “serve as an outlet for creative output and collaboration.”

Macionis explains the origin of the album title:

Integration is the dominating force behind our creative process. There is integrating my skill sets with Mana’s; integrating organic and electronic; integrating each of our artistic voices into one unified vision. It seemed appropriate to name this EP after the very process that inspired the work itself.

The EP’s lead single Hiding My, which was released Friday, Jan. 29, depicts “internal conflict against the backdrop of an outside world in motion, leveraging Contractor’s voice to construct barely discernible fragments that draw us in while offering no clear answers.” Stream or download the single here.

Find links to play and download Integration here.

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