CalArtians’ Art on View in Downtown Newhall

storefront windows with art

CalArts has teamed with the city of Santa Clarita and Newhall Crossings for walk-by art installations in May. | Image: Opacities, Courtesy of Jennie Park

Beginning this week and for the next three weeks, several of CalArts’ Art students are taking over spaces in downtown Newhall to showcase their work. Unlike other gallery shows where guests head inside the space to view art, these exhibitions are meant to be seen from the outside looking inward.

On view through May 5* are exhibitions by Dylan Jones (Art BFA-4), Jennie Park (Art MFA-2) and Jasmine Leung (Art BFA-4). The weekend also features projections from Lois Bielefeld (Art MFA-3), Mehregan Pezeshki (Art MFA-2), and Estela Anakaren Silva (Art BFA-4).

Because the COVID-19 pandemic caused traditional gallery and performance spaces to close or limit capacity and moved CalArts’ operations and art making online, CalArts’ administration wanted to find a safe and socially distant way to share student work with the Santa Clarita community.

“We have been inspired to see CalArts students push through the restrictions the pandemic has put upon them and continue to make art. They entered the unknown and unexpected with their artistic practice and have created possibilities when others couldn’t easily see them,” said CalArts President Ravi Rajan. “Now our neighbors and friends have the opportunity to see and explore this work with a unique partnership between the city, CalArts, and Newhall Crossings.”

In March, CalArts signed a short-term lease with Newhall Crossing, a multiuse building project at 24450 & 24480 Main St. (near the Lyons Avenue intersection). The Institute has taken over three ground-floor retail spaces comprising roughly 6,000 square feet for walk-by displays. Projections and short films will be shown on the adjacent outdoor plaza screen at night.

Upcoming artist exhibitions

May 5-12

  • Henry Palmieri (BFA-4)
  • Vincent Hernandez (BFA-4)
  • Yaozhi Liu (MFA-2)
  • Dongpu Ling (MFA-2)
  • Zimo Zhao (MFA-1)
  • Projections by Ling, Amanda Bauer (MFA-3), and Monica Rodriguez (BFA-4).

May 12-19

  • Wendy Raigosa (MFA-1)
  • Lydia Horne (MFA-1)
  • Matthew DeStefano (MFA-1)
  • Josiah Green (BFA-3)
  • Motion Show from the Graphic Design Program

*The opening and closing of shows are at the artist’s discretion.

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