CalArtians Launch Music Collective BigVoid Records

CalArtian musicians are creating works that embrace “the grey areas, the in-betweens, and the yet to be seens” with BigVoid Records, a new music collective launched by Henry Webster (Music BFA 13, MFA 17), Kyle McCarthy (Music BFA 15, MFA 17), Jackie Turpin (Film/Video BFA 15), and Nick Lonien.

Founded last year, BigVoid Records seeks to be an inclusive space that paves “new collective avenues for artists of all mediums, genres and identities.” The founders are currently taking steps to formally establish BigVoid Records as a record label, with which they aim to provide a platform for artists who wish to contribute or collaborate.

“The collective started with myself, Kyle, Jackie and Nick feeling like we had a lot of creative juices flowing, but nowhere to really throw them,” Webster told 24700 in a recent email interview. “We were all freshly out of school and decided that creating our own platform was the way to go! In our bio, we welcome the unseens and the inbetweens. We hope BigVoid Records output will reflect a multitude of styles ranging from Metal to Folk, with a definite emphasis on digital art and spaces.”

On March 26, BigVoid Records announced their inaugural release BigVoid 1, featuring the following projects: 

  • funVoid: Experimental group featuring Webster (violin/guitar/electronics/voice), McCarthy (percussion/electronics/voice), and Turpin (guitar/voice/visuals) seeking to “explore spectrums of opposing polarities.” funVoid will be releasing the first artist EP for BigVoid Records this summer, date TBD. Check out the single V of Swords.

Henry Writes Music: Webster evokes the American West with “warped instrumentals, electronic ambience, and field recordings.” Check out the single No Real Soul.

Karl Mux: Original works from the producer and multiinstrumentalist with “little regard for genre and maximal concern for groove.” Check out the single Blinders.

Them Runes: Though the identities of the members remain unidentified, Them Runes “sonically chaotic Rube Goldberg machines for your enjoyment.” Check out the single Tar Pit Pool Party.

Woolly Bear: Helmed by Lonien, Woolly Bear “strives to find a way to express profound emotions” through emotionally charged tunes forged by collaborations with other musical artists. Check out the single Riversong.

BigVoid1 is available on various streaming platforms.

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