End-Of-Year Showcases Highlight Talent from CalArts School of Theater

Students from the Experience design showcase

Students from CalArts’ Experience Design and Production Showcase, available online. | Image: Screenshot

The wide-ranging talents and artistry of recent graduates of the School of Theater are on full display in three online showcases: the Graduating Actors Showcase, the Voice Over Showcase, and the Experience Design and Production Portfolio Review

The Graduating Actors Showcase is designed to offer graduating BFA and MFA actors the opportunity to perform before industry professionals, including agents, managers, casting directors, producers, and directors. Typically performed live in both New York City and Los Angeles, this year’s showcase was presented online only because of COVID-19. Students shot and edited scenes and monologues from both published and original works. 

In addition, many recently graduated BFA and MFA actors are also featured in the Voice Over Showcase, which was produced as part of a Voice Over class taught by CalArts faculty ML Gemmill (Theater MFA 90) and Bernie Van De Yacht (Theater MFA 89). Throughout the course, students learned how to analyze scripts, self-direct, and perform consistently across multiple takes. 

The voice acting categories in the showcase include Audiobooks, Video Games, Bilingual Voices, Children’s Voices, Characters, Commercials, Announcements and PAs, Promos and Trailers, and Singing. 

A collection of online portfolios by recent School of Theater graduates in the Experience Design and Production program are available online.

The Experience Design and Production Portfolio Review features the work of graduating BFA and MFA students who specialized in either Costume Design, Experience Design/Themed Entertainment, Lighting Design, Scene Design, Sound Design, Stage Management, or Technical Direction. 

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