Campus Vernacular You Should Know: The CalArts Dictionary 2021-22

It’s back-to-school season and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have students return to campus! New Student Orientation takes place on campus from Sept. 5-11, and classes begin Sept. 13.

But before the school year officially kicks off, we wanted to give new students a head start on becoming a CalArtian by introducing them to some CalArts vernacular. And after such a long hiatus from being on campus, this dictionary might prove useful for returning students as well.

Check out the CalArts Dictionary (slideshow posted above): a glossary of terms that are unique to the Institute. Find out when it’s Gallery Night, where The End of the World is…or who is in the “CalArts Mafia.” If you have a contribution to the dictionary, please leave it in our comments section below.

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