Designer Nicki Voss Captures Iconic Views in Creative Quilts

Inspired by nature photography, visual artist Nicki Voss (Art BFA 88, MFA 90) translates forms and color compositions into cloth and other textile works. Her works can be found at Textilepop, which she established in early 2021 as an artist manufacturing studio of modern quilted goods intentionally designed to encourage curiosity and stewardship of the earth at large.

Voss’ work was recently highlighted in the Los Angeles Times’ “The Wild” newsletter by Mary Forgione. The Times specifically featured Voss’ quilt based on a view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, as seen from the iconic Griffith Observatory in a photo taken by the artist in early spring.

The 49” x 61” quilt featured in the newsletter was stitched together from 583 pieces of fabric in 13 distinct colors, each selected to refer to the color palette of the original photograph—an integral part of Voss’ distinct creative process.

Currently, Voss is working on a quilt based on a dusky view from Mulholland Drive overlooking the San Fernando Valley. 

“I’m interested in translating our experience of the outdoors into tangible indoor objects,” Voss was quoted in the Times article. “How do we derive comfort from the outdoors? And specifically, can that feeling be captured in a quilt?”

Given the thoughtful craftsmanship of Voss’ work, absolutely!

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